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From: Jerry Coole
Subject: Family Guys 2As a kid I always liked playing with my dick. I can remember being
reprimanded by my Mum for having my hand down my pants when I was very
young. At my first school we used to wear shorts in the Summer, and when we
were sat at our desks I used to pull my dick out of one of the leg holes
and play with it. And it was at the same time that my cousin, Matt and I
started comparing our dicks and pissing in bushes when we were playing
out. He soon joined in with the under the desk thing. Back then Matt was
more confident than me and even flashed his dick to me across the class
room. Once I was told by a teacher to "stop fiddling down there". I must
admit, half the time I didn't know I was doing it. From then on I was more
careful, often playing with myself through the pocket of my pants and being
very dicreet about sniffing my hand afterwards.When I was seven, my Mum and Dad split and Josh, my brother, went to live
with my Mum while I stayed with my Dad. As a result I saw little of my Mum
or Josh, but much more of Matt whose Mum, my Aunt, looked after me after
school and in the holidays. I can remember us messing about in his room
with no clothes on and fighting with our dicks. We were also keen
footballers and played in a local team together. I loved football, and,
yes, even in the early days I derived pleasure in seeing all the lads
getting undressed and russian lolita preteen nude often had to hide my hard-on.We first masturbated together when we were eleven. Again, it was Matt who
led the way, having been told about it by an older boy who lived near
him. It was painful at first because we both had tight foreskins, but,
practice makes perfect, and we certainly practised a lot! There was no real
orgasm for a long time and certainly no cum. I was very young lolitas free twelve, nearly thirteen
when I came for the first time. I panicked a little at first because I
couldn't control the cum, and I was on my own in the bath at the time. Once
I'd got over the shock, I wanted to try again, but I decided to wait to
show Matt, who still hadn't managed it himself."Fuck man, that's cool!" were Matt's first words as jizz spewed out of my
throbbing stiff nob and onto the floor. I was also proud of my furry pubic
bush that was ow sprouting nicely. When Matt blew his first load he phoned
me up to tell me. From then hot little lolita nymphets on our sex lives really began!It was when one of the guys in class was eyeing up some lass in front of us
and asking me what I thought about her ass, that I realised I preferred the
the ass of the sexy guy standing next to her and that I was gay. Matt
wasn't there at the time, but when I thought about his cheeky grin and his
sexy butt my cock went hard.Matt's warm lips and tongue regularly replaced hand jobs. By the time we
reached fifteen we were spending our early evenings in my bedroom, knowing
that my dad was always late home. There were always half filled cigarette
packets around the place that my Dad had forgotten about so we soon started
helping ourselves to those in between the blow jobs. Matt's cum spurted
forcefully into my mouth and while I once would have spat it out, I soon
started drinking it down. We soon started exploring each others assholes
with our fingers, and then other objects like candles and chocolate
bars. We licked the melted chocolate out of each others butt holes and I
knew I wanted his cock inside me.It was in the same after school session in my bedroom that we fucked each
other. As his stiff dick entered me that first time, I could feel its shape
and picture it in my mind. I knew his dick better than my own, and now I
could feel all the ripples as he rammed it in me. I don't remember it being
painful but I was quite tense. We soon learned to relax, though. When Matt
used to stay over wait until my Dad had gone to bed then Matt would creep
out of the spare bed and into mine. We'd have sex a couple of times then
often wake up half way through the night for more.Then, what for me at the time was a bombshell, appeared to ruin
everything. My Mum, who I rarely saw moved away, and Josh, my brother had
to come and live with my Dad and me. At the time I was really pissed off at
the thought of having to share a room. By this time I was nineteen and was
working in th health service as a trainee nurse. I considered moving out,
and at first, everything Josh did amateur cams lolita sex irritated me. Then, one night, after I
returned home late from work, I sneeked quietly into my room to avoid
waking Josh. Despite room being quite dark, I could make out Josh's naked
body laying on top of his quilt, his hand wrapped round his dick. I quietly
switched my bedside lamp on and could now make out a pool of cum just above
his pubes. I gazed a while in awe, as my hot tool sprang to attention in
the boxers I was wearing. Josh's eyes flickered and he stared up at me."Been having a bit of fun then, you horny bugger!" I said with a
grin. Aware of his situation Josh became more alert and gave an embarrassed
snigger."Looks like you're about to do the same!" he said, as he stared at the
large bulge in my boxers."You can help me out if you like," I replied."OK then, looks like you got a big slab of meat in those boxers. Let's see
it then."I slipped out of them in a flash and Josh fondled my bollocks with one hand
while massaging my dick with his other. "Reckon you've had a bit of
practice then!" I enquired."Here and there!" Josh grinned as his moved smoothly up and down my
shaft. I panted gently, and then he moved himself nearer, leaned over and
slid my leaking rod into his mouth. I had to concentrate hard to stop
myself blowing there and then, but managed to last another couple of
minutes as he sucked me hard. Josh gurgled as I filled his mouth with hot
spewing cum.We lay together for a while and I kissed him."Ever taken from behind?" I enquired casually."No, I guess it would be too fucking painful.""Not if you take it carefully.""You done it then?""Here and there." I mimmicked, smiling knowingly."With Matt?" he suddenly asked."What makes you think that?" I replied guardedly."Just guessed, cos you two see a lot of each other." Josh reasoned."So would you be up for a threesome then?" I quizzed knowingly.It was some time later before I fucked Josh's ass for the first time, but
it was well worth the wait. As a lead up Matt and I worked on his hole on a
regular basis while Josh enjoyed watching as Matt and I made love almost
every day. Josh sharing a room with me became a huge bonus and we rarely
slept in separate beds, often starting or finishing the day with my
slippery dick up his butt hole.At that time my Dad didn't really play much of a part in our lives. In
truth neither of us saw much of him. He worked long hours and often stayed
out over night, I assumed with a woman he'd met. His split from my Mum all
those years ago was because he was unfaithful, although I'd never met
anyone he saw. As a result we more-or-less had the flat to ourselves, and
when Matt came round, having sex on the couch or even in the kitchen was
the norm. On this occasion the three of us were in the lounge. Josh was
leaning over the the table, Matt taking him from behind and me bringing up
Matt's rear. There was some music on and three of us were doing a fair bit
of panting. By the time I realised the lounge door was opening, any chance
of covering up our act was gone. My Dad, wearing his blue overalls, with
cigarette in hand stood there. I turned and my dick slipped out of Matt and
I just looked at him. Matt and Josh did the same. I couldn't think of
anything to say."You horny little buggers!" he said and sounded almost light hearted about
it as if he's caught us with a porn magazine. I sniggered feeling totally
embarrassed."How come I didn't get invited to this party," he went on to my
surprize. Matt, always the more confident one retorted:"Now you've gatecrashed it why not join us?"I was expecting at any moment that my Dad was going to get past the humour
and get angry or russian lolita preteen nude kick us our whatever. But he didn't."Seems like you guys like to keep it in the family! Maybe I should join
you."He walked over to where Josh and I were standing and took hold of our
dicks."They've developed nicely!" he joked. Mine, having gone soft with the shock
of it all naked teen lolita girl began to harden again."You're shaking," he said to me, "here have this." He passed me his half
smoked cigarette, and I took several long drags while Dad stroked Josh's
cock and then Matt's. I stubbed lolita board blue bbs out the cigarette as Dad began undoing his
blue overall trousers."Come on then guys help me out of these then.Dad was undressed in no time. Seeing his stiff rod for the first time was
awesome."If I remember rightly, Daz, yours was spare!" naked teen lolita girl Dad said. I re-entered Matt
and moments later felt my Dad's hot very young lolitas free cock plunge into me. His dick was wider
than Matt's and Josh's and felt to go deeper as he pumped rhythmicly in out
of my rear end. Amazing! -=*=-It was late, and Darren felt relaxed and tired as he lay, naked on the
sofa.A moment later his Dad appeared in the room. He was wearing his works
overalls - he worked as a printer and stared at his naked son, who smiled
up at his father as he continued to masturbate."Alright, son. Want some help?""What do you think!" replied Darren with a warm grin on his face. He
enjoyed these late night sessions with his Dad, and after taking a long
drag on his cigarette, he passed it to his Dad who did the same before
stubbing out. He came closer to Darren, who could smell the familiar whiff
of newspaper ink mixed with tobacco and a warm masculine odour. He grabbed
his Dad's bulge through his blue overalls and felt his nob as it began to
harden and rise. He undid the broad zip and press stud that held up the
thick canvas pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. His Dad's thick,
erect dick was clearly profiled inside his body hugging boxers, and Darren
ran his hand up it length, feeling the ripples of his firm cock shaft.He slid his boxers smoothly down his legs allowing his aroused man-tool to
spring up to attention as soon as it was released. Darren could feel his
heart pumping faster and faster has he gazed at his father's manhood.Like his own, his father's dick was largely hair free apart from his pubic
bush which was thick and curly. Within moments, Darren could feel his nose
brushing against it as he sank his lips over the warm man-meat and began to
suck hard on it. His Dad moaned and took deep breaths as Darren began to
move his head, raising it up and then plunging it down while allowing his
tongue to slide over his cock head. He could taste the leaking man lolita oral bear hug juices
as he did so, and the excitement willed him to move faster as his Dad's
dangling bollocks swung to and fro bouncing off Darren's chin. His Dad's
moans reached a high pitched climax as squirt after squirt of hit jizz
errupted from his cock. As they did so Darren swilled them around his mouth
and gulped them down.As Darren released his Dad's cock he allowed him to sit on the sofa. As he
did so, Darren yanked his pants, that were still around his ankles
completely off and helped as his Dad raised and parted his legs exposing
his smooth ass hole. Darren wasted no time rimming his Dad with his warm
tongue, slipping it deep inside the familiar hole and exploring. Then, in
one movement his tongue slid out and Darren moved up his Dad's body bring
his expectant cock in line with his hungry bum hole. Darren grinned into
his Dad's eyes as he plunged his firm tool inside him. Despite the ease
with which it slid in his Dad let out more high pitched moans. Darren
raised himself and then back down him, and each time, his Dad seemed to
derive more and more pleasure. In turn, Darren found the experience so
exhilarating he struggled not to cum within the first few seconds. He moved
slowly to give his Dad maximum feeling and thrills whilst trying to keep
control of himself for longer.When he came he felt his whole body was covered in exploding fireworks all
sending out sparks together. More moans and squeals from his Dad as lolita oral bear hug the hot
jizz was pumped deep into his ass hole. Darren imagined the feelings going
on for ever, and as they calmed he dropped himself onto his Dad's chest and
held him in his arms.The two remained embraced for some time. Darren felf a deep love for his
Dad as he kissed him on his chest and then on his lips. They then sat
together chatting, enjoying a beer and cigarette before a final good night
kiss.Darren headed into his bedroom and grinned at Matt asleep in Josh's bed and
Josh asleep in his!He crept across the room, not certain which bed to climb
into. Then Josh stirred, opeing his eyes and staring at Darren."Dad came home then?" he whispered."Yeah!" Darren replied looking distinctly pleased with himself. He then
slid into bed, allowing his naked body to press agianst Josh's.I like receiving your comments, so let me know what you think about part
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